Thursday, December 11, 2008

Calories Count

I have finally broke the plateau. Today I am 146, since it takes me about a week to lose a pound I should be 143 by the end of the year.
Count Calories
Weighing my food, counting calories and of course weighing myself everyday has been just what I need to make sure I don't regain.
I tried several times to lose weight. There was always something I didn't want to give up. Most of the time it was wine. I do love wine. But, I know it was what was keeping the fat on me. It is all carbs and after drinking it I wanted more carbs. Lots more.
I gave up Ice Cream, sugar, rice, grains, all milk products except cottage cheese, potatoes, and of course the Wine.
No more M&M's either. I could eat the whole darn bag. To make them last longer I would eat one color at a time, the large bag size, in one evening.
Yikes, it seems like that wasn't me. It is hard to even think I was doing that to my body.
Calorie Restriction
Without Calorie Restriction in my life I would not be as healthy as I am and as lean.
I used to think about what I had to give up and felt just terrible. I got so upset that I couldn't buy all the premade foods and eat just what ever I felt like.
Hey, guess what, it has been 14 months counting calories and I am eating what I want all the time. I don't want any of the bad carbs I was eating. The thought of a bag of M&M's make me sick.
And the wine, I have had about 10 glasses of wine in 14 months. I have an open bottle in the fridge, does wine gather dust in the fridge? Anyway, it is staying there until I decide to dump it out.
Counting calories has really changed my life and it is all for the better.

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