Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Calorie Restriction and weight loss

Since I started Calorie Restriction 17 months ago I have lost 86 pounds. I am a complete convert to calorie counting and knowing what nutrients are in the food I eat. I know I could do better with the dark leafy greens so tomorrow I am going to try making a green shake for breakfast.
My idea is to add some cottage cheese with the fruit along with kale and spinach. The reason for the cottage cheese is for protein. I do like it with fruit so why not put try it in a smoothy. I might make it more milk shake like. I will try it tomorrow afternoon.
I ran it through the cronOmeter, it came up pretty good on nutrition.

  • 1/2 cup non fat cottage cheese
  • kale
  • spinach
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • small banana (for the potassium)
  • Stevia to sweeten it up

161 Calories
  • 11 g. protein
  • 29g carbs
  • 16% of my daily requirement of Omega-3
  • Through the roof with Vitamin A, K and C

I would like to find something to put in it to up the B vitamins. I will be looking into that.

Calorie Restriction Day
I had an excellent Calorie Restriction day today. I have decided to try and eat a bit less calories in fruit. I have been eating too late at night snacking on berries around midnight. A huge bowl of mixed berries can add 250 calories to my day. I hope to stop this night time snacking. Right now I feel confident that I can do it, but it is early.
Tomorrow is my exercise day then grocery shopping. I have decided to stop buying our fish from Trader Joe's. The salmon has not be very good lately and the pieces seem odd shapes, like seconds. I bought Sockeye at a different store last week and it was fantastic. Trader Joe's will be getting less and less of my grocery monies. I stopped buying their chicken and produce ages ago. The only things I buy there for sure right now is the frozen berries, coffee, coffee filters, tortillas and a few frozen veggies, cottage cheese and eggs.
Weight Loss
I have been 141 for a week now. I am hoping to see a change in a few days. Guess eating all that fruit late at night is the cause. I am going to make it without eating tonight, its 12pm already. Seems I made it one night. Strange thing, I measured my waist again today, I am not obsessed with this, I thought it looked smaller so I grabbed the measuring tape. Hey, I was right. I have a 28 inch waist now. Wonder what it will be in a few months.
I have lost 17 inches in the waist alone. Wow, super WOW. There are before and current pictures of me on You Tube.


Oct said...

You are doing so amazing! What an inspiration you are. :)

Graciela said...

28 inch waist???? Wow, I haven't had a 28 inch waist since I was in 6th grade...maybe! As Oct said...You are an inspiration! :)

DivineJoy said...

I hear a tape measure is better than a scale anyway. Good to see some movement either way.

I want to make a smoothie. Cottage cheese is a good suggestion. You KNOW I must try it.