Sunday, April 12, 2009

Calorie Restriction diet evolves

I glanced through this blog and noticed that back in January I was drinking a green smoothie made with Cottage Cheese. Well since January I have changed my entire way of eating CR. I no longer eat Cottage Cheese, which was the only milk product I did eat. I now eat fruit and veggies during the day making sure they are properly combined for fast exit from the stomach.

So far I am enjoying the fruit and the green juice drinks. My only concern so far is that I still have not lost any weight and actually think I am eating more calories. This is not good. The whole purpose of CR is to have optimal health eating less.
I will continue experimenting with the fruit and raw veg for another month and if I don't drop a few pounds and inches I will go back to the original way of eating CR.
Of course I will still drink the green juice in the AM.
I do believe in eating food in proper combination so I will need to figure out how to eat eggs and or Cottage Cheese. Timing it just right will be harder than eating fruit until 3PM each day.
I know I have not been getting as much protein as before. I know this because I have been thinking about food again. Something I hadn't done in 19 months. I have also been eating far to much dried fruit. I even bought some Lara bars, I wouldn't have even thought of buying them a few months ago.
You see, dried fruit is part of eating raw and I am totally addicted to them and know I shouldn't be eating them. It is crazy how I found a way of eating that fits perfectly into my stupid food addiction.

Weird, after typing this I can see just what I need to do. I am going back to my original way of doing CR, eating more protein and less fruit. The only thing I will keep doing is drinking the green juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.
I am so glad I typed this out, it made me see what I have been doing wrong. What an idiot I am. I have been reading a book about raw food and I believed every word of it. I am convinced it is not entirely working for me. It sure is easy to do, that is what enticed me.
So for tomorrow I will be having fruit for breakfast and some Cottage Cheese for lunch. Hopefully I will stop these uncontrollable cravings for dried fruit and get me back to losing weight. I still have 20 pounds to lose to have optimal health.

Today I am having brunch with my family. Of course I will have a few glasses of wine and a salad. It is very easy to order proper food at the restaurant we are going to. That is why I picked it. I might even have a sandwich. Bread, see how I am thinking here. I haven't wanted bread for 19 months. I sure hope I get myself back thinking better in a few days. I sure don't want these size 6 jeans to not fit. Rats, what have I done to myself.
Of course thinking about bread and other poison foods is not eating them, I hate even thinking about them, it seems obsessive to me.
I like that superior feeling that I had. I was confident and actually felt giddy happy. I will be there again.
To much dried fruit and fruit in general must be my downfall.
Oh this is going to be hard on me. Another change!! Oh well that is what life is, it would be boring without change.

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