Thursday, April 23, 2009

Calorie Restriction and Eating Raw

I have been eating about 80% raw for several weeks now. I have found that I tend to not use the cronOmeter as I should with my juices. This has got to stop. Those fabulous juices, while loaded with great nutrition and enzymes, are still loaded with calories, about 250 calories. So, I need to get back to using the CoM everyday like I used to. Man, I love that cronOmeter.
Today I made my Green Juice with a head of romaine, one organic lemon, 2 organic apples, and a bunch of kale. It is so green and full of yummy goodness. I drink it on an empty stomach, it fills me up for about an hour. I then have a piece of fruit that takes me until lunch time. So for breakfast I have about 350 calories of greatness.
My concerns are protein. If I don't eat a pure protein like egg whites or cottage cheese am I doing CR right? My protein has gone down since I started eating raw during the day. I still have a cooked protein for dinner. I just don't know if this is enough. I was getting about 65g. of protein a day, now it less. I haven't tracked enough to get the full picture but I know it is less. I do get protein from all the veg, just not as much.
I also messed up pretty bad in the overeating. I have come to be addicted to dried fruit and I can really put it away. Wow, are the calories high in those tiny shriveled up pieces of goodness. I have come to realize I have been making videos about this stupid addiction for too long.
I have got to stop doing this to myself. I still eat what I deem to be healthy, no grains, no milk, no sugar, no starches, and I count my calories for all meals, then I grab those darn morsels of dried fruit. I become a sticky mess and must look like a pig devouring every last one. So, I have to leave the darn things at the store until I can control myself around them. My favorite are the organic ones, they are huge raisins. I love them not only for their taste but because there is less of them in the container. Only 7 servings of 120 calories each, so much better than a huge bag of the darn things. I am so bad.
Of course, because of the dried fruit binges, I have not lost any weight. I am going to track my calories with the CoM regularly and still eat raw during the day. My days are so simple eating like this. I have the green juice for breakfast followed by a banana or an apple. Lunch is another piece of fruit then about an hour later I have a huge green salad. Maybe 4 to 6 cups of it, maybe more. The salad has flax oil dressing which I love. When dinner comes around I am not hungry.
I cook a protein for dinner, chicken, fish or red meat. Usually a 5 oz portion with a lightly steamed veg. That is it.
The way I want to eat raw is with food combining. What that is supposed to do is get the food through my system fast and not leave behind waste or too much waste. So therefore I am to not eat meat with a grain, no sandwichs. I don't eat bread, this is just an example.
No cheese on bread either, so no pizza. I might have to break this rule for my goat cheese pizza.
I am so conflicted. Eating raw is more complicated than just doing CR. But, if I can learn it and do it right I am expecting great results. So, to me it is worth it.


DawnRose said...

I'm drinking the same 'green lemonade' about three times a day, and I got that raw food detox book (on your recommendation, thank you). I see so much of me in your postings, it's funny. I don't have the addiction to the fruit, but nighttime is hard for me, I don't sleep well and often find myself scarfing down a bowl of strawberries (sometimes something worse, like bread) at 2am. Good luck, we're in this together, lol...

count n calories said...

have you read Eat To Live? it confirms what you are doing and in my 30 years of studying is the healthiest way to eat. ive read the Cr Way by paul & meridith and ive seen them both interviewed on oprah and youtube and in their book they say they are currently eating less protein cuz research shows that protein restriction has similar effects to calorie restriction. joe cordell, tested as having the health of a 20 year old, hes 47 i think, showed what he ate in a day, huge bowl of fruit and walnuts, huge salad, and if dinner had any meat it wasnt much. i know the CRers on the blogs and the society eat more zoney or adkins like but the ones ive read appear to be having some health problems and i expect they are gonna see alot more. that protein paranoia is american brainwashing. i think you are clearly way ahead of some of the long term CRers. go girl.

Marjie said...

Thanks for your comment.
I need to try harder to control my dried fruit addiction. I messed up again yesterday with dates.
Night time used to be hard for me too. It still is at times. It was always fruit for me too.
I am trying my best to not eat fruit except during the mornings.
How do you like the green drink. I am still enjoying mine.
Good luck to you!

Raw Food, Real People said...

Hi Marje,

Just saw your comment on our blog and read through yours a bit. I think it's amazing how much you've accomplished...I can't imagine doing that, I can't even lose 5 lbs. or abstain from alcohol for a week!
Our raw experiment really changed my way of thinking though, I LOVED the raw foods and they kept me so much more satisfied. Now I mostly just feel gross whenever eating meat or dairy and have also been thinking a lot more how these products are inhumane and bad for the environment so would eventually like to move away from them alogether....but for me, it takes time...