Thursday, November 17, 2011

Onto part two of the plan

Part two of my "get this weight off and fast" kicked into part two today. I am back with the cleanse part. I don't call it the master cleanse because I am not cleansing for any other reason than weight loss. I don't drink that horrid salt water solution. I am using 2 tablespoon of whole flax in a bit of warm water and stevia. It tastes like cereal. On the master cleanse the idea is to clean up the bowels, I guess, with that impossible to down salt water drink. I did that one day and will never do it again. If you don't grind the flax seeds they pass through undigested, so that is what I do. I really like the taste and how they work for me.
Today was a good day with the lemon drink. I got hungry only at the time I usually eat dinner about 6pm. That was solved with some tea and a teeny tiny bite of the Greeks dinner. Well 3 teenny tiny bites. I had 4 glasses of the lemon drink and those bites.
The goal is to lose 8 pounds this time. I lost good the first time around, hopefully I will do the same. I forgot to weigh this morning darn. Better not forget tomorrow.
Only 8 to go to reach what the Dr. wants me to before surgery but of course I want to lose a few extra. In fact I want to get back where I was a few months ago. 130 or 135, I won't get there before Jan. 20 but will eventually. Good to have goals.
I will be cooking and eating Thanksgiving. Not a traditional dinner but close. I haven't had meat in over a month. Guess turkey will be what changes that.
I will be back to the lemon drink the next day if I don't hit the leftovers. I want to be in the new size 8 slacks I bought for my trip to San Diego Dec. 1.  I am in them just not as comfy as I like.
All I need for the trip is a pink purse. I think I found everything I need to meet family members again. I haven't seen them for over 50 years. Can't wait. I am the oldest of the bunch and of course I have to look great or as great as I can make me. Hope I don't break a fingernail before then and I need practice with the eyelashes. I am going to glam me up.

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gymtherightway said...

I wish you good luck with your weight goals, hope you have achieved them 1 year after!