Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blood pressure

I have a huge update on the BP situation:
I was eventually put on Biostolic.
I had my lower neck lift almost 3 years ago.
Now fast forward to today.
I am off the darn BP meds. I went cold turkey on them. I just knew my BP was not high and I knew what was causing it to be high on occasion. Yes, I do. WINE
I stopped drinking wine and stopped the pills. Wine actually reduces BP but only when drinking it. The next day it raises BP. So be warned, not a good thing. I still drink wine just not as often, maybe once a month.
My BP is fine, in fact it is lower than the 120/78 and stays there.
I take no medication. Yea

I am still living the CR way as much as I can.
End of Update.

I have never had high blood pressure so when my plastic surgeon told me it was far to high yesterday morning to do the lower face lift I was pretty surprised.  I left the surgery center very disappointed.
I bought a home BP monitor because I just knew my BP was not high as it was at 10am yesterday.
I have no idea if I can trust it. I plan on taking it to the Dr's office and have them take my BP at the same time I take it. I can't figure out any other way of testing the darn thing.
All day my BP has been below 120/78, several times even lower than that. Not once did I get the 150/80 he got yesterday. I was pretty convinced it was the salty popcorn I gorged on Thursday night. Dr didn't think so but he doesn't know my history with BP. I do.
So for now I am back doing everything I can to make sure the BP is normal when I go to the primary Dr on the 31st. There is no way I want to take pills for this when I know I can control it with supplements and diet. I have never had to even think about BP before, it has never been an issue. I just know I caused this by not sticking with my CR lifestyle as I should. I do great for several months then blow it.
That is what I did for the past 2 months. Far to much candy, coffee and other crappy grains.
So I am back on CR and hope to stick with it for freakin ever.
I am taking Niacin, potassium, serrapeptase and other goodies to make sure the BP stays where it belongs. Of course I need to lose that darn 20 pounds too. I had decided stupidly that I was pretty content to be in a size 10, don't look awful, don't feel awful either. But that is not how it will be, after dropping this 20 pounds I will feel even better.
I didn't reschedule the neck lift just yet. I am guessing it will be done in about a month.
Meanwhile I will just hide the ugly neck.
Can't wait to get it fixed.
Just how can I trust the darn BP home monitor. Scary stuff to be messing with.

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