Friday, March 7, 2014

Sew here I am

I have a revived new interest in my life. Sewing
I want to sew advanced level, I am not advanced. In order to get there I will be buying books, taking classes and learning what I can off the internet.
The internet has proven to be a great source for lots of different techniques.

 I really doubt I will ever be considered advanced and don't expect it. But, I can try.

Before I start a new project I work out the steps on paper then search for several different ways to get to the result I want.

Today I am getting ready to make a fitted blouse. I have never sewn a fitted blouse, not only that, I have only one in the closet. I will be looking closely at its construction as I move along.

I will be using another Lekala Pattern 5425, the one I choose is a western look but only in the yokes, which I have removed.

Pretty sexy number, I won't be wearing it like this.
I added 3 inches to the length and a cuff with a sleeve placket. I also shortened the collar by .5". I might make the front band narrower.

Why did I pick this pattern if I am changing it so much? I like its fit and the front neck area.
The other things are very simple changes, I don't think I could change the front neck or the fit.

Hopefully I will have this blouse ready to wear in 3 weeks. Yes, I am slow.

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