Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A new me in the making

I had been missing going to the Dr's for some small tune ups on my aged face so I made an appointment. While there my favorite PA casually said that the Dr. is now doing lower face lifts in office with local pain killers. Wowzzzeee did that get my attention. I came home told the Greek about it and he immediately made arrangements for me to pay for it. I am getting it done Jan. 20, after I lose 20 pounds.

I have lost 8 since the visit, hope to lose more than the 20 he suggested.  Wish I could have the jowls removed before then because we are headed to San Diego Dec 3 for a wedding. I will be seeing relatives I haven't seen in 50 years or better. Yep, been that long. I am really looking forward to it.
But, since I screwed up and gained a few pounds I have to get rid of them so the neck lift works the way I want it to.  Excited for sure.

On the weight loss plan, I am currently doing a cleanse. I am losing about a pound a day, today is day 8, I hope to lose 10, wanted 12 so if I gained a few back after the cleanse I would still have 10 gone. I don't think I will make 12. 
After this cleanse is over in 2 days I am going to do a juice fast. I can't do fruit anymore so to sweeten the green juice I will use Stevia.  I really am looking forward to having the juice. I am pretty tired of the cleanse drink. In fact I have been cheating. I will have a few bites of food and not the cleanse drink, I tell myself I am not doing this to actually cleanse myself, I am doing it to lose weight. Well, I am so why not eat a few bites. I am doing fine. I love the new flat tummy.
I am also in the size 10 jeans. yea. Now I can get me a few size 8's. If I dig in the closet I might find some. I did wear that size a few years ago. I really, really want to be back in the 2's and 4's that are gathering dust. Goals.

I have also been studying more about Calorie Restriction. I am counting calories and tracking even on the stupid cleanse. It is really amazing how few calories I am consuming right now and NOT hungry. It is only a 10 day cleanse. After it is over I plan on doing the juice fast for another 10 days, only because of the darn Holiday. I don't know where that will be and I know I will over do it where ever it is.

I read that on a juice feast I can expect to lose one pound a day. I really doubt I will. Juice has more calories than the cleanse and I am losing one pound a day now. I will be happy with half a pound a day.
After the cleanse and fast I will be back to Calorie Restriction, doing the green juice for lunch, I never put anything in my stomach before noon and never eat after 6 pm. I like giving my body a needed break from digestion.

My 2 meals will be very balanced, making sure they are properly combined. If I do have fruit it has to be on an empty stomach. I have learned the hard way about fermented fruit in the stomach. It isn't beans that is the musical fruit, believe me. I don't mean to toot my own horn.
Just now had a sip of water, reminds me of how much I hate it. Just not my thing. Water makes me thirsty. I know, weird, the more I drink the more I want. I don't want.
Well that is the plan, sure hope I can do it. I see no reason to not make it.  I feel better now than I have in a darn long time. I am pretty sure the reason I felt so down on myself was the lousy job I have. That hasn't improved, except he is treating me better. His work load has gotten so small I work only one day a week and not a full day. Sad, so sad. And I really could use the hours right now. Guess I should look into a different job. Somebody must want a 70 year old worker. I am a good one and soon to be a skinny one.

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