Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Me

I am doing great with sticking with a plan. My weight loss plan that is. I have lost almost 10 pounds already. Today my wonderful daughter took me shopping,  she bought me 2 Lee jeans and 3 tops. Of course the jeans don't exactly fit just yet. They are my goal for next week. I can zip them up just fine but can't seem to walk or sit very well and the muffin top, forget about it. They will be prefect in a few days.
I have been eating raw and drinking the green juice, I love that stuff. There is really no need to use the cronOmeter when I do this. I never seem to get many calories in. I am learning to live with a bit of hunger. I remember how I used to not be bothered by it, need to get myself there again. I think it is a good feeling, I get strength from it.
I have been making some pretty good raw salads from beets. Pretty darn good but so messy to make. All I do is use a mandolin to make little sticks, add a drizzle of olive oil and a bit of wine vinegar. I added some fennel too. Tasty. I think I will hunt for somebody else's recipe when I make it again. I think it could use something else in it. No fruit though, I am trying to not mix fruit and veg together. 
I eat fruit only before noon, then I have my green juice. I try to keep the fruit to one or two and not bananas. Right now I enjoy pears and apples.  I prefer berries guess I better buy some frozen ones tomorrow.
The green juice is simple enough, romaine, kale, apple and lemon. Tasty.
My dinner meal is a huge salad or if I want something cooked a huge amount of cooked veggies, usually peppers, onion or broccoli and mushrooms. Very simple fast, plain cooking. 
I expected to loose 10 pounds fast and I did, now to finish me off with the rest of it. I do have a goal in mind. I want to weigh about 140, that was a good weight for me for several years and it will be good again. I have 20 pounds to go.
I am so darn happy to be back in my groove and feeling that taking care of myself again. I have no clue what happened to me and why I let it slide for so long. I think it was a few years, seems like it anyway. It sure can't be the job, that is almost gone. I worked 15 hours last week. Yikes, not a good thing. Hopefully this rotten economy changes soon.

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