Sunday, September 25, 2011

Calorie Restriction update

I am doing OK with CR right now and loving it. Could be better at times but overall I am tracking and eating good.  I am still refusing to weigh myself, the mirror tells me the bad news for now.  I have a family wedding to attend in Dec. and will NOT be wearing a size 10/12 by then. Promise!!
The job is no better, in fact a bit worse. I am still getting detailed instructions on how to do simple tasks, take it with one ear and a smile. His business has gone way down since he hired my replacement last year. It has been a steady decline. Of course that means we all work less. I worked just 7 hours last week. Gone is the ability to get out of debt which I had planned for this month. But, as long as I can take his abuse I will stick it out. I get plenty of support from my entire family on this. They know I am telling the truth about my treatment. Heck they all know he has replaced me twice already and expect it again any day.
I turned 70 in August, feel better than ever, looking pretty darn good too, of course I am the only on that thinks that. This picture was taken with the tiny webcam in this I mac. You can see the weight gain in my lower face. Since this picture was taken a week ago I have a new very short hair style. Not so sure I like it. A picture after I style it, right now it hasn't been combed for two days. Yep, I am lazy.

I have a small issue with arthritis in my hands and that only hurts bad for a short time early mornings. I have found a great supplement that has almost completely gotten rid of the inflammation in my hands. It is Serrapeptase an enzyme made from silk worms. If you are reading this and suffer inflammation look it up, amazing stuff.
I have another blog on wordpress, have had it longer than this one and tend to update it more often, or I plan to. There is a link to it on the sidebar. Check me out over there if you don't see updates here. I am really trying to get back in my update groove.


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SheZug said...

Hi Marjie

I'll be checking your other webpage. Are you still making videos on youtube? I haven't been there in a long time.