Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Losing it

All is going well as far as food choices. I am finished with the first round of the cleanse, more to come. I am now enjoying my green juice during the day with a cooked veggie meal for dinner. Still trying to stay away from fruit. Not doing so good at that, yesterday I really enjoyed 12 nice big strawberries. While they are great for us and low in GI they are still a fruit that gives me horrible hand and feet cramps. The last time I ate them I suffered for over an hour with tight muscles still the next day. Why this happens I have no clue. Grapes are the absolute worst for me, so far blueberries and apples don't do it. This was the first time strawberries did it. I think I may have a fructose intolerance. Hate it.
My food for dinner has been broccoli and or sweet potato drizzled with olive oil and lemon with a slice of sprouted wheat bread. That's it.
I am not hungry after eating but sure am just before. That may be because I don't eat breakfast nor lunch. I do drink the green juice and if I am home will eat an early dinner,  around 4pm. I am feeling great on this routine. I have lost 7 pounds so far. No loss this week, sorta expected after the cleanse, in fact I gained one pound after I completed it.

I will do the cleanse again starting this Thursday. I plan to stick with it for 7 to 10 days and then go back to the juice and one meal a day again. Doing that twice more before the surgery in Jan. The doc told me to lose 20 pounds, to do that in only 2 months is nearly impossible for me with just counting calories. I have been counting calories for years and know I lose one pound in 5 to 7 days. Not enough time to lose 20 so my new plan was put in action. So far so good. The side benefits are amazing. I love the feeling and the flat stomach again. I hope to live like this for an extended time. I know I can as long as my mind is set and that darn sugar bug leaves me alone.

We are going to a wedding out of town Dec. 1. I am in bad need of clothes that fit. I found a pink slim skirt at Nordstrom then a real cheap zebra blouse at Macy's. Picked up some spanks black nylons, ordered a chain drop waist belt online, now I need earrings and possibly a purse. I have black pumps and boots, don't know which I will wear. Would like some new booties but the cash is rapidly disappearing. Will post some pics when the outfit is complete.

Today I weigh 163 goal of 150 before surgery but really want to weigh 135 or less. When I hit my goal of 127 two years ago I felt on top of the world. I want that feeling again. I am getting there. Today I wear a size 10, at 127 I was a size 2. People told me I was to thin, didn't know I would ever be to thin. Personally I don't think I was.


SheZug said...

That's interesting how the different fruits affect you. I love juicing and got into it a couple of months ago. August I think. I enjoyed a juice in particular that was made from a sweet potato! Can you imagine! It was delicious.

I think you look great every time I see your pictures or videos. You have great style.

Marjie said...

Thanks so much. I juice just greens with lemon. I add stevia to sweeten them instead of an apple.
Wish I could eat more fruit.
Good luck with your plans.

boob job said...

I favored your youtube video! So inspiring and vivid for me to lose weight.

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