Saturday, November 29, 2008

Teeny Tiny weight gain

I wasn't able to stay in the 147's today. Close, only .4 away. I better be there again tomorrow.
Today was a very good day with calories and snacks. Back to my usual eating plan. I was 148.4

New Jeans
I have only one pair of pants that fit, so I went shopping for one more pair. I didn't want to try them on in the store. I found a size 8 slims that looked pretty small to me, I brought them home and to my surprise they fit with a bit of extra room even. I thought maybe the first 8's might be made bigger so this time I bought Lee Jeans. I don't remember them being cut big.
Now, I am thinking, if I get to my goal of 127 I might be wearing a size 4. That is hard for me to even think about. I have never worn anything that small.

One year ago
I was reading my journal from one year ago. I was happy to be leaving the 200's. When I started CR back in Sept. 07 my waist was 44. It is now 30, wow.

It seems I was having a hard time with hunger then. I can now say that doesn't happen to me. I have very little hunger now. It is a wonderful feeling. Maybe my body has finally adjusted to the amount of calories it is going to get.

Goal for the am is 147.2.

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