Sunday, April 18, 2010

Still hanging on

This month has had far to many ups and downs with Calorie Restriction. Guess it is best to say mostly down. If I can't get over this serious sugar pull I just know I will end up sick.(sicker) In fact it makes me feel sick for hours anyway. It is time to kick it, I will.
I did finally finish a WebSite, my design and build. It was great fun, took me far to long too do, but that is too be expected when there is no direction and the site has to flow as you go. I hope the group is happy with it. I think it turned out nice. It should be good for several years to come.
The cats are doing great, they are finally becoming a part of the family. Willy is still a bit skittish but improves all the time. I am getting better at making their food. I am making it fresh twice a week. The recipe has gotten easier to do. They sure love their raw turkey.
I still haven't gotten back to exercising. It is going to happen soon. (maybe)
It just isn't my thing. I did lose 90 pounds without it. I now need to lose 15 maybe even 20. I haven't weighed myself in over a month. That alone tells me how crappy I have been feeling and eating. I am not going to get better any time soon if I don't stop eating the blankiety blank sugar. I never thought this would happen to me. I went through times when I ate too many raisins and dates, those are nothing compared to the crappy candy I am tossing down now. I didn't even gain when I messed up but now, just not the case. My size 4's are a bit snug. I want desperately to get back in the 2's.
Maybe typing this will make me think better about what I am doing to myself. Something has to do it. I need to watch my victory video. Bad!! I know I won't. Makes me sad. Tomorrow will be a better day.


Anonymous said...

We're rooting for you. Remember weight loss is a journey: Highs and lows are included. :)

DawnRose said...

I'm pulling for you:) I check here all the time for motivation and inspiration. You have done it and can do it again. I'm not worried. It's a hiccup.

Ag's Blog said...

You can do it - you inspired me!!!

Kefir said...

Sugar to someone who has battled weight is like alchohol to a drinker, you've fallen off the wagon. Those bad feelings won't go away until you go cold turkey and make it stick.

And you should watch your victory video, then get your plan together and blast right through to your ultimate goal.

We already know you're the best and you are not allowed to go back.

Anonymous said...

I have that problem with refined carbs-its a nasty vicious cycle that grabs us by the you know whats and won't let will find the path again, perhaps protein only for a few days or even a week so you can get rid of the cravings? I've read that when you are staying away from refined carbs you can actually be more sensitive to them. I have found thats true with me-ice cream does it for me-one small bowl? I don't think so-whole container then 2 hours later good to go again:) I just saw your videos and found this site-breaks my heart to hear you down and out-are you on Facebook?